Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure (VDI)

SMS is proud to offer a comprehensive VDI package.

We’ve taken the proven technology of VDI computing, combined it with the advantages of the Cloud, added IT Support,
wrapped in equipment warranties, and included insurance to create an all-inclusive VDI package.

How does this benefit you and your business?

  • PC Computer
  • Never buy another PC or server again! Our package keeps you updated from workstation to Cloud.

  • Remote Work
  • Work remote from anywhere with an Internet connection in a way that fits your flexible lifestyle.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Constant monitoring and updating keeps your data secure, protected, and HIPAA/PCI compliant.

  • IT
  • Lower your total IT costs including hardware, storage, maintenance, and onsite support.

  • Credit Card
  • Make budgeting a breeze and know your cost in advance with one flat rate per workstation.

How does our VDI package work?

We move you directly to the Cloud. We provide the equipment and software as needed to keep you connected to the Cloud. You no longer replace your Desktops or Servers, as we will keep you up-to-date and running.

Once in the Cloud, you're protected with enterprise-level cyber security. This keeps you HIPAA and PCI compliant and your data protected with lower IT support costs. Work remotely with confidence!

Why choose Cloud computing?

Cloud computing allows you to operate from a virtual office and connect to your business anywhere, anytime. All you need for this remote access is an Internet connection and you'll be up and running.

Cloud computing gives you the flexibility to scale your business up or down rapidly as needed. Add a workstation at a fraction of the time that it would take to buy and set up a new computer.

Cloud computing reduces your total costs in terms of IT support required, operating costs, and total cost of ownership. Leave the technology to us so you can focus on building and growing your business.

Cloud computing keeps you safe from ever-evolving hackers and cybercrime. Consistent, automatic updates assure you are using the latest technology with the highest level of security.